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We want to thank you for your interest in Southpine. Our goal is to clearly communicate a message of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. This hope is not found in religion or anything that we can see, but only in a personal relationship with Jesus. Our mission at Southpine is to see you CONNECT, GROW and SERVE . . .

  •  CONNECT with God through friendships.
  •  GROW in Christ through Saturday messages and small groups.
  •  SERVE God and other through the local church and its ministries.

If you are able to visit Southpine, we would love for you to attend one of our small groups, Saturday or week days. Being involved in a small group study provides an opportunity to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask; to be encouraged by others who face the same challenges that you might be facing; and to be part of a care group committed to helping you through life’s struggles.

For more information about Southpine, please explore this website or submit a contact request to Senior Pastor David Gillespie. Once again, thank you for your interest in Southpine – we look forward to worshipping with you soon!




12, Apr 2017

Southpine Adventist Church Facebook Site
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Christmas—The Start

06, Dec 2014

A New Year is not the real (re)start, Christmas is! It all started small and developed in to something huge!
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What does Christmas mean to you?

15, Dec 2013

As an adult, I've had my fair share of Christmas'. But Christmas as a kid seemed quite different to now, was it just "growing up" or has the meaning of Christmas evolved in the last few decades?
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